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Dear friends of improvised music, we will start our new concert season at the MUG on Thursday and are looking forward to a series of exciting events.

You can download an overview of all concerts as a pdf. Press fotos can be found in the press area.

Thursday, August 28th, 2014, 8 p.m.

MUG - Munich Underground at Einstein


WTTF Collage

Pat Thomas (piano and electronics)
Phillipp Wachsmann (violin and electronics)
Roger Turner (percussion)
Alexander Frangenheim (bass)

WTTF - no, not "welcome to the future." Nor is this short for "want to trade for." No - this acronym built of the initial letters of surnames simply announces four first-rate  improvisors.

Phil Wachsmann (violin and electronics), Pat Thomas (piano and electronics), Roger Turner (percussion) and Alexander Frangenheim (bass) have recorded together once in 1997 for a session at London's Gateway Studios.

Power, concentration, mutual respect as well as humor are the hallmarks of the resulting sound document, released only fifteen years later and the reason for a reunion of this by now historical quartet for an Offene Ohren concert at MUG.

Three of these four protagonists played at some of our earlier concerts, then still hosted at different venues: Roger Turner together with Konk Pack at the Phoenix Lounge, Alexander Frangenheim as part of Chris Burn's trio together with Axel Dörner at the Black Box, and Phillipp Wachsmann as part of the Lines Quartet at Seidlvilla.

These legendary performances evoke a kaleidoscope of remembrances which really make us curious about the musical event to be expected with the added presence of MUG novice Pat Thomas.

Location: MUG - Munich Underground at Einstein
Entrance fee: 14 Euro, members of Offene Ohren e.V. 10 Euro



Do 28.08.2014     WTTF

Phil Wachsmann, Violine, Elektronik
Pat Thomas, Piano
Roger Turner, Perkussion
Alexander Frangenheim, Bass

Mi 01.10.2014     Offene Ohren e.V. feiert 10-Jähriges !

Butcher – deJoode – Blume
John Butcher, Saxophone
Wilbert deJoode, Bass
Martin Blume, Schlagzeug

Mi 08.10.2014     Salmosax - Ho Fu Ne M

Katsura Yamauchi, Saxophone, Film

So 19.10.2014     Metal, Wood and Wire Special Project

Geoff Goodman, E-Gitarre, Banjo, Loop
Ardhi Engl, Eigenbau-Instrumente, Loop
+ Sebi Tramontana, Posaune
+ Bill Elgart, Schlagzeug

Sa 25.10.2014     WisseLyttoNies

Georg Wissel, präparierte Saxophone
Paul Lytton, Koffer-Perkussion
Joker Nies, Eigenbau-Elektronik

So 16.11.2014     "RHRR"

Guylaine Cosseron, Stimme
Frédéric Blondy, präpariertes Piano
Xavier Charles, Klarinette

Fr 12.12.2014     Schiller – Ulher Duo

Christoph Schiller, Spinett, Objekte
Birgit Ulher, Trompete


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