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Dear friends of improvised music, we started our new concert season at the MUG in August and are looking forward now to a series of exciting events.

You can download an overview of all concerts as a pdf. Press fotos can be found in the press area.

Wednesday, 1 October 1st 2014, 8:00 p.m.

subsonicspace 2014
MUG - Munich Underground at Einstein

Tenth anniversary of Offene Ohren!
Butcher – deJoode – Blume

All Ears 2004

Wilbert de Joode, bass
John Butcher, saxophones
Martin Blume, drums

Prologue, summer of 2004: Guitarist John Russell and saxophonist Tanja Feichtmayr are on tour and are spontaneously invited to do a private concert in Munich. The feedback is phantastic. Old discussions flare up: why do we have so little improvised music here? Why are there generally so few opportunities to perform for improvising musicians?

Following the success of this duo concert, some friends of improvised music sit together discussing the seemingly utopian idea to bring to Munich the music for which they often travelled hundreds of kilometers through Europe.
On the same evening, they decide on founding an association - true to the motto "you don't stand a chance, so take it."

Soon after, the first concert took place at the Phoenix Lounge near Harras in the south of Munich. Offene Ohren, All Ears - the association's fitting name - was also the watchword for the perfomance of British saxophone player John Butcher, Dutch bassist Wilbert de Joode and German percussionist Martin Blume.

Who'd have thought back then that Offene Ohren e.V. would still be going strong today and celebrate its anniversary ten years to the day after its first concert featuring exactly the same trio?

In the intervening years, these musicians have appeared in various groups at our concerts, and all three are thrilled by the prospect of congregating again for our tenth anniversary in Munich.
We invite you to celebrate with us, the Offene Ohren team, the reappearance of the group that marked the beginning of our concert series!

Here is what one listener had to say about the trio in 2004:

Between caress and cheek - fascinating Free Jazz with the trio of John Butcher, Wilbert de Joode and Martin Blume

What is the essence of a musical instrument? Has it got a soul? Its own life? What are the limits of tackling it without breaking it? How far, for instance, can the language of a saxophone be extended without dissolving its character? Is an ordinary drum set really to be treated like this, and where in the handling of the beautifully shaped double bass does the caress stop and the cheekiness begin?

All three musicians are active in diverse groups of the improv scene and are
much- in-demand representatives of this genre. At the beginning of their first joint gig they seemed like solitary planets, self-absorbed musicians focusing on their vision with closed eyes.

But before long, a forceful dialog evolved, giving rise to loudly voiced questions and answers. Soon, in their spontaneously emerging performance, they were approaching ecstasy, expressing a highly concentrated power, at once destructive and beautiful. At times, the musicians seemed to interact with their shadows cast by the stagelight to invest their playing with an even greater sense of urgency. It was, as if Blume, de Joode and Butcher had known each other for ages.
- Ulrich Rüdenauer

Location: MUG - Munich Underground at Einstein
Entrance fee: 14 Euro, members of Offene Ohren e.V. 10 Euro



Mi 01.10.2014     Offene Ohren e.V. feiert 10-Jähriges !

Butcher – deJoode – Blume
John Butcher, Saxophone
Wilbert deJoode, Bass
Martin Blume, Schlagzeug

Mi 08.10.2014     Salmosax - Ho Fu Ne M

Katsura Yamauchi, Saxophone, Film

So 19.10.2014     Metal, Wood and Wire Special Project

Geoff Goodman, E-Gitarre, Banjo, Loop
Ardhi Engl, Eigenbau-Instrumente, Loop
+ Sebi Tramontana, Posaune
+ Bill Elgart, Schlagzeug

Sa 25.10.2014     WisseLyttoNies

Georg Wissel, präparierte Saxophone
Paul Lytton, Koffer-Perkussion
Joker Nies, Eigenbau-Elektronik

So 16.11.2014     "RHRR"

Guylaine Cosseron, Stimme
Frédéric Blondy, präpariertes Piano
Xavier Charles, Klarinette

Fr 12.12.2014     Schiller – Ulher Duo

Christoph Schiller, Spinett, Objekte
Birgit Ulher, Trompete


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