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Friday, 19 June 2015, 8 p.m.

subsonicspace 2015
MUG at Einstein

Trio NOW

Trio NOW! 2014 in Ulrichsberg

Fredi Pröll, drums
Uli Winter, cello
Tanja Feichtmair, alto saxophone
Photo: Hannes Schneider

A highlight of last year's Kaleidophon festival in Ulrichsberg, trio NOW! will visit Munich in June - Fredi Pröll on drums, Uli Winter on cello and Tanja Feichtmair on alto saxophone.

NOW! as in here and now, offering snapshots, instant fantasies, spontaneous reactions, impromptu explorations, real-time dialogues. Blazing with passion through this coordinate system, these three improvisors confidently pursue their distinctly selfwilled paths. At the same time though, they candidly own up to influences and inspirations they absorbed in the course of their activities for Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg.
[Excerpt from Hannes Schweiger's review of the CD "Trio Now!" in the Austrian music magazine freiStil.]

Location: MUG at Einstein
Entrance fee: 15 Euro, members of Offene Ohren e.V. 12 Euro


Thursday, 25 June 2015, 8.30 p.m.

i-camp | Neues Theater München


Karl ein Karl

Peter K Frey, double bass
Michel Seigner, electronic guitar
Alfred Zimmerlin, violoncello
Photo: Manuel Heyer

KARL ein KARL command a diverse panoply of colors and timbres. Using new playing techniques, variably placed pick-up systems, preparations and scordaturas on their instruments, they manage to delve into uncharted territories far beyond any conventional sonic diction. In the last years, they have expanded their approach by drawing on electronic resources.

The music of KARL ein KARL is subject to continuous evolution, the three players being anxious to smash through their own taboos time and again. As a case in point, they now succeed in interlacing their performances with musical stereotypes, an approach they originally refrained from for the sake
of finding an autonomous language. This willingness to persistently question and go against the principles of what has been achieved has a direct reward for the three members of KARL ein KARL: sheer joy of playing. And it is this joy of playing that lends wit and vitality to their music.

Location: i-camp
Entrance fee: 15 Euro, members of Offene Ohren e.V. 12 Euro next

Saturday, 27 June 2015, 8 p.m.

subsonicspace 2015
MUG at Einstein

Bertoncini / Lehn

Bertoncini - Lehn

Tiziana Bertoncini, violin
Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer
Photo: Franz Reiterer

Tiziana Bertoncini and Thomas Lehn have been working together since 2002. They appear together as a duo but also in larger lineups like the ensemble]h[iatus. In collaboration with ZAM (Zentrum aktuelle Musik e.V.), they curated the Cologne two day festival comprovise in 2009 contrasting contemporary composed music with improvised music in order to investigate their points of contact, overlaps, proximities as well as distances.

In 2012 the Cologne cultural magazine Aufabwegen wrote about their first duo CD Horsky Park released the previous year on the British improv label Another Timbre:

"On two tracks, we hear the encounter of violin and analogue sythesizer in every conceivable nuance. Even if it might sound clichéd, it is true that Bertoncini's violin provides warm and organically rasping sounds, whereas the synth mimes the rabid machine, not without a certain deepness, but noticeably colder.

The music on Horsky Park depends on the tension between catchy, histrionically jubilant string work and bubbling, pulsating electronics. Sometimes it gets noisy, sometimes delicately planar and crackling; always we are excited to learn how many details will reveal themselves in the nooks and folds of the sounds."

Tiziana Bertoncini und Thomas Lehn arbeiten bereits seit 2002 zusammen. Sie treten gemeinsam als Duo, aber auch in größeren Formationen wie dem zeitgenössischenauf. In Zusammenarbeit mit, Zentrum aktuelle Musik e.V., kuratierten sie 2009 in Köln, ein zweitägiges Festival, das zeitgenössische komponierte und improvisierte Musik unmittelbar gegenüberstellte, um deren Berührungspunkte, Überschneidungen, ihre Nähe und Distanz zu durchleuchten. 

Location: MUG at Einstein
Entrance fee: 15 Euro, members of Offene Ohren e.V. 12 Euro


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